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Bob Dole Tax Proposal

This is no longer relevant, but who cares ??

the Dole proposal is composed of the following:

  1. a 15% across the board tax RATE cut (28% ==> 23.8%)
  2. a 50% cut in the capital gains tax
  3. a $500 tax credit for each child

I made up this form to compare the changes for my own income/deduction combination and thought I would write it up as a HTML form. For more information on current taxes, see the U.S. Department of the Treasury This form uses the 1996 tax schedule. For details on the 1996 tax rates, look here.

  • Wage income
  • Filing Status
  • Number of Dependents
    For comparison, put in the following and I will calculate your current taxes too:
  • Non-Wage income (Interest/Dividends)
  • Capital Gains (& Distributions)
  • Mortgage Interest, Charitable Contributions
  • Other Itemized Deductions (State/Local Tax, Medical, etc.)

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